Sequencer IDS

by Rudo

Cartoon Network

We did a series of IDs for Cartoon Network along with Gabriel Fermanelli. They are a series of 3 IDs, from Apple & Onion, Craig of the Creek and Ben 10. The idea was to represent a musical sequencer for each series where each image represents a sound and end up forming a melody.


Client: Cartoon Network Direction: Gabriel H Fermanelli, Rudo Creative Director: Sergio Saleh Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo Account Manager: Jeff Keisel Animation Direction: Gabriel H Fermanelli, Rudo Design: Gabriel H Fermanelli, Pablo R. Roldán, Eugenia Beizo Initial concepts: Delfina Pérez, Juan Pablo Díaz Animatics: Gabriel H Fermanelli, Ezequiel Torres, Micaela Gabot Animation: Ezequiel Torres, Matías Petroli, Micaela Gabot, Diego Ferrero, Patricio Rey Cleanup: Micaela Gabot, Eugenia Beizo, Esteban Dunand, Micaela Carrizo, Daniela Donato, Jesica Bianchi Coordinator: Mailen Gayoso Sound design: Subtropico Cartoon Network Creative Director: Simon Dean Head of Production: Laura Watts Production Coordinator: Lily Ricketts

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