by Tomi Dieguez



The ass's main job is shitting and farting. In this case, we focus on one of its exceptional virtues: talking. And being unbearable. Santo's campaign for Diesel was of those projects that you'd almost pay to do. This film was shown at Satchi & Satchi's New Directors' Showcase, and shows off the hilarious, irreverent side of Tomi Dieguez, the film's director.


Creative Maximiliano Anselmo - Luigi Ghidotti - Pablo Minces - Tomas Quartino - Sebastian Wilhelm Producer Ezequiel Ortiz Production Company Punga - La Posta Cine Executive Producer Patricio Verdi Brusati - Pablo Tufaro Animation Director Pablo Tufaro VFX & Compositing Edi Walger Music and Sound Design Animal Music

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