Audible by Amazon

by Mechi Lopez


Fold 7

Through the brand new London headquarters of 1stAveMachine, Fold 7 called us to make this campaign for Audible, Amazon's new audiobooks. Co-directed by Spacehippie and Mechi Lopez, the spots immerse ourselves into the different film genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime and Comedy.


Directors Mechi Lopez - Spacehippie Creative Director Antonio Balseiro EP ARG Leticia Cristoph EP UK Isabella Parish Creative Development Maury Marcano - Sofía Blanco Line Producer ARG Lucio Fiorentini Line Producer UK Michelle Sahayan Line Producer Sci Fi Maui Alena Production Manager Juane Paoletta Art Directors Mechi López - Spacehippie Set Art Directors Crime The Art Brothers AD Agos Bruera BTS Michelle Gualda - Valeria Lachman Music Animal Music Post Production Coordinators Matías Gil - Meri Roldán - Mica Alvarez Supervisor VFX Sergio Pickelny CGI Supervisor Martín Lapetina Graphic Design Eze Matteo Title animation Sci Fi Eze Matteo 3D Lead Lighter Alejandro Turano 3D model Eugenio Pignataro - Diego Sepetich - Pablo Molina 3D Sebastián Raffaelle - Diego Mendoza 3D Simulation SciFi Pablo Molina VFX Marco Merletti Rigg Hernán Guerra Shader Lighter Andrés Zorrilla - Alejandro Grassano - Guillermo Kelly - Diego Sepetich - Pablo Molina Animators Ignacio Ochoa - Pablo Lorenzo - Jorge Bata Rausch - Cristian Fieiras Render Junior Martín Valeztena Composites Toni Agoglitta - Ernesto Céspedes - Humberto Paytuvi - Marcos Pezzani - Danilo Delfino - Ale Bonafina - Pablo Molina - Diego Sepetich

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