Zest Fest

by Danielle Katvan + Becho & Mab

Blue Diamond

A crafted flavor festival inside an almond, inside a basement, inside a screen, inside your delicious mind – Zest Fest!


1stAveUS / Executive Producer Peter Repplier - Sam Penfield1stAveUS Executive Producer Peter Repplier - Sam Penfield Line Producer Elizabeth Collins Director Danielle Katvan Art Director Erin Beaupre DOP Ben Carey 1stAveBA / Executive Producer Rocio Furmento - Lautaro Brunatti Directors Mab Bergara & Becho Lo Bianco Line Producers Cona Casares - Giselle Peréz Paladino Post Coordinator Lelio Heber Defelice Art Director Leonor Garcia Versillo DOP Juan Maglione Model Design Estudio Los Chinos Character Constructor Martina Urtubey Sound Studio Orbital Music & Sound

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