Life of an Engineer

by Dave Maruchniak

British Gas


Produced in partnership with 1stAveMachine, for this British Gas campaign, Dave set up to depict both the humanism and the heroism required to save a life, in a way that felt true to the protagonist's recollection of the events, relying on visual metaphors to drive the compelling narrative forward. He gathered a great animation team that helped him achieve this task, keeping the art direction and character design clean and minimal, but with enough detail to be able to express emotions. Live-action and animation work hand in hand, showing how passionate British Gas workers are for what they do. Welcome to 'Life of an Engineer.


EP Florencia Bardas Line Producer Fernando Fasano Creative Development Soledad Torres - Florencia Cammilleri - Belén Guerra Post Production Coordinator Jeremías Rud AD Pablo Kondratas Art Director / Characters Elda Broglio Art Director / Backgrounds Ivan Olszevicki Art Assist Emilia Calvo - Julio Velazquez Storyboard Artist Martín Santos Lead 2D Animation Pablo Kondratas Layout Animation Ignacio Ochoa 2D Animator Juan Huarte - Leandro Vargas - Manuela Calderone 2D Animator / Comp Rodrigo Moraes 2D Animator / Clean Up Gastón Herrera - Florencia Ponticelli Clean Up Julieta Soloaga Comp Lautaro Azcuy Edit / Color Correction David Vargas Music SFX Mix Jackleg.

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