by Tomi Dieguez



When Andrew Wilcox (Droga5 NY) and our rash director Tomi Dieguez proposed creating this spot without any kind of post-production, they accepted an epic, deranged mission. The real-time fall lasted 3.2 seconds, and the final spot 60 seconds, where we see the unbreakable Motorola E freefalling through symbolic dioramas that describe the qualities of the phone.


Creative Director Andrew Wilcox - Mike Felix EP USA Sam Penfield - Nick Litwincko EP ARG Lautaro Brunatti - Leticia Cristoph Creative Development Laura Gorbatt Producer USA Jason Taragan Producer ARG Nicolás Buris Assistant Director Anahí Funes Post Producer Lisanne McDonald DOP Santiago Melazzini Art Director Spacehippie Builder Mariano Sivak Art Realization Tilburs Editor Bill Saunders Post Production Coordinator Luciana Rossi VFX Post Productor Diego Dieguez

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