New Times

by Diego Berakha


Contrapunto BBDO

A showcase of the new times, new spirit, and new sensations that Correos of Spain keeps adapting to, through sensational new languages, filled with colorful and moving match cuts, motion graphic design, and exciting rhythm.


Rep. Company / Producer Silvia Romero Agency Contrapunto BBDO Gema Crespo - Alejandro Bardera Agency Creatives Carlos Jorge - Gorka Fernandez Client Correos EP Lautaro Brunatti - Florencia Bardas Director Diego Berakha Pitch Creative Soledad Torres Line Produer Mercedes Serrano Post-Production Coordinator Mercedes Serrano AD Sebastian Goldberg Production Manager Mercedes Serrano Art Director Marilina Martiglione Construction Department Julieta Iacono - Julieta Lavalle Assistants Ramiro Chiaradia - Susana Mota DOP Andy Aguiló 2D Design Vicky Lamas - Juan Barabani - Diego Berakha - Gianluca Fallone Animation Lio Skilar - Juan Huarte - Javier Bianchi - Edu Escalante - Matías Furno - Dante Zaballa - Paolo Cavalieri Editor Pablo Betas Special Thanks to Soledad Torres - Flora Cammilleri - Belen Guerra Henri Aragunde - Can Can Club Color Anahi Piccinin Sound Mix Tronco.

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