Instant Experience

by Henri & Sebastian, Maxime Bruneel, Mathery Studio, Morgan Harary, Ron Brodie and Danielle Katvan 


This mix media blast showcases Instant Experiences, a Facebook ad format that allows you to create a fullscreen, fast-loading destination designed for mobile.

Henri & Sebas grabbed original shots from the vast and diverse playground our fellow 1stAve directors made for 'More Together' – campaign for Facebook Groups – and mixed it with original 3D and 2D animations of their own.


EP Erik Press - Lautaro Brunatti - Eva Amuchastegui Directors: Henri & Sebastian - Maxime Bruneel - Mathery Studio - Morgan Harary - Ron Brodie - Danielle Katvan UI Animation Brutworks  
Typography Hueso Line Producer Topper Anton - Emmanuelle Berube Coordinator Facundo Duke Viggiano Editor Natalia Loianoco Comp Artist Lautaro Azcuy - Martin Villareal

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