Google Crisis Alerts

by Henri & Sebastian


Produced with 1stAveMachine, Henri & Sebastian directed this opening story of contrasts and 2d animation on how a fire in Israel’s Carmel Mountains led a team of local Google engineers to develop one of their first Crisis Alerts. Narrated by Yossi Matias, vice president of engineering and leading the Crisis Response team at Google. Check out the full campaign directed by Tucker Bliss → https://g.co/earlywarning.


Company 1st Avenue Machine - Tronco EP US Sam Penfield - Andrew Geller EP ARG Lautaro Brunatti - Paula Moura Client John Campbell - Amanda Hughes-Watkins - Chris Bradford Creative Director Tucker Bliss Post Production Coordinator Luana Vianna Post Coordinator Assistant Carolina Fernandez Art Director Martin Vinograd - Manuela Calderone Art Director Assist Delfina Perez Adan Lead 2D Animator Diego Polieri 2D Animator Pato Plaza - Agostina Salvemini - Leandro Martinez - Julian Fumagalli - Manuela Calderone - Leandro Vargas - David Lopez - Adrian Peralta - Facundo Garcia Clean Up Yasmin Hanna - Eugenia Beizo - Julieta Culaciati Onliner Luciano Masdeu Composting Mattias Materi - Nicolas Holodvsky Character Design Martin Vinograd Sound Mix BAMBA.

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