Groove Like Mike

by Henri & Sebastian


TBWA/ Chiat/Day

As part of its 50th birthday celebration, Gatorade invited us to remaster its classic "Be Like Mike" commercial with Michael Jordan after almost a quarter century. We teamed up with TBWA/ Chiat and our 1st Ave Machine partners, in order to develop a campaign, in which three different spots depict three unique directors' approaches for refreshing the iconic commercial. We seriously had a lot of fun experimenting with traditional animation, 3D, post-production, installations, and camera tricks. In "Groove like Mike" we took inspiration from manga cartoons and graphic novels and we remixed it, combining live action footage with dynamic and vectorial rotoscopy.


EP Lautaro Brunatti - Leticia Christoph Creative Development Laura Gorbatt - Mercedes López Producer Manager Juane Paoletta Line Producer Lucio Fiorentini PA Victoria Pronzato Post Production Coordinator Mechi Serrano Art Director Gianluca Fallone BTS Tota Romero Music Animal Music

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