by Tomi Dieguez

Coca Cola


Maxi Anselmo and Tomi Dieguez let themselves get carried away and made it so that a kinetic sculpture, put into motion only by water, tells us the story of the Guarani people together with that of Coca Cola Life, obviously sweetened by Stevia. Tronco built the machine, it's all made of real wood, surrounded by plants and lightened by the sun. The Machine was designed by Space Hippie (directors at Tronco), built by the invincible Zivak, and shot by Mr. Cottet. Legal notice: No 3D artists were hurt nor hired in the making of this production. 2014


EP Lautaro Brunatti - Leticia Christoph Line Producer Nico Buris Production Manager Juane Paoletta Creative Development & AD Tronco Laura Gorbatt AD Federico Scarpelli 2nd AD Sabrina García PA Lucas Godoy - Josefina Stefani - Sebastián Rodriguez Runer Lucas Chiapella Locations Manager Christian Seoane García Design SPACE HIPPIE - Maui Alena - Nano Benayon - Sebastián Sarmiento Art Director Vero Arico Art Assistant Pablo Fernandez de Rosa - Bárbaro De Mola Landscaper Damian Schiavone Gaffer Andrés Lehmann Make Up Fernando Castillos Rodríguez Costume Sol Canievsky DF Christian Cottet 7D Camera Rocío Crudo DIT Julia Buratovich Focus Puller Lala Lezzi 2nd AC Pablo Bernst Video Assistant FLorencia Manca Electric Carlos de San José - Daniel Mena - Omar Mena - Claudio Mena Op Generator Pablo Pereyra Key Grip Hernán Velez - Nicolás Petroli - Ezequiel Manzilla Post Production Coordinator Natalia Darsie

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