Dot Your World

by Henri & Sebastian


It’s ironic – the more serious, hard work goes into our spots, the more funny and cheerful they turn out! Check out this party of kids dancing along with Dots from Lego.


EP UK Kerry Smart EP BA Rocio Furmento - Florencia Bardas Line Producer UK Mike Capon Line Producer BA Federico Brizzio - Mechi Serrano Pitch Creative Team Soledad Torres - Flora Camillieri - Belen Guerra Creative Assistant Soledad Torres DOP Manu Bullrich Production Designer Vera Arico Wardrobe Stylist Florencia Tellado PH Eugenio Mazzinghi AD Pitu Petrucci Production Manager Laura Segatta Location Manager Ariel Venezia Casting Casting Club Choreographer Marina Ahumada Storyboard Artist Fernando Baldo Editor Carolina Grgurevic Postproduction Art Director Diego Berakha 3D Designer Edu Escalante 3D Animation & GRL Post 3DAR VFX Executive Producer German Heller VFX Production Designer & Producer Federico Carlini VFX Supervisor Charly Villafañe CG Supervisor Alejandro Libman LookDev Alejandro Turano Production Assistant Juana Solassi Technical Coordinator Mariano Nocitto Animation Lucas Salvietti - Juan Pablo Lanzo - Alejandro de la Torre Lighting Alejandro Turano - Alejandro Libman - Armando Carrasquel - Mariano Segat - Lucas Salvietti VFX Compositors Charly Villafañe -Andrés Chouhy - Pablo Roy Bertero - Marcos Pezzani - Humberto Paytuvi Roto & Matchmove Agustin Denis - Toni Agoglitta - Silvina Lesa Brown - Eleazar Figueroa Ingest Cristian D’addario Render Wrangler Esteban Bocco 2D Animation Pablo Kondratas Color Grading Alejandro Armaleo Original Music Track & FX Bamba Music Postproduction Coord Cynthia Mendez

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