Cookie People

by Henri & Sebastian & Morgan Harary


The Martin Agency

Together with The Martin Agency Henri&Sebastian partnered with Morgan Harary to create this mixed up piece that display all types of Cookie People you can find. Combining live action, 3D, 2D, cell animation and smart transitions with a super catch song it all comes out together to a new wonder filled spot.


EP US Michaela McKee - Lisanne McDonald Line Producer US Nancy Marks EP ARG Lautaro Brunatti - Rocío Furmento Head of Production ARG Rocío Furmento Line Producer ARG Pablo Anzonategui AD Pablo Chehebar Creative Development Soledad Torres - Florencia Cammilleri - Augusta Timotea DOP Manuel Bullrich Art Director Live Julian Romera Uruguay Production House Oriental Films Post Line Producer Mechi Serrano Post Production Coordination Juliana Mazia Post Production Pipeline Design Florencia Bardas Post Coordination Assistant Catalina Moscariello AD Sebastían Golberg Art Director Nano Benayón Art Assistant Roxy Vazquez Character Design Franco Vecchi - Juan Barabani - Juan Molinet Background Design Nano Benayon - Roxy Vazquez Matte Painting Pablo Koutsovitis 2D Animators M4TM - Rudo Company - Juan Huarte - Damian Garnero 3D Animators Plenty - Pablo Molina - Milton Maguna Animatic Rodrigo Moraes Composite Lead Toni Agoglitta Composite Artists Marcos Pezzani - Francisco Biancardi - Pablo Polacci - Fabricio Amato - Juan Ignacio - Lomonaco Pablo Ramallo Editor Andrés Boero Color Jorge Russo Pentimento.

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