by Diego Berakha

Presidencia de La Nación

Presidencia de la Nación called our director Diego Berakha to launch this fun and dynamic campaign, with a series of pieces made in 3D where we see how you can buy things or transfer money with PIM. CELLULAR-PIM-SUPERPANCHO!


EP Paula Moura Creative Development Agusta Timotea - Sebastián Goldberg - Florencia Cammilleri Line Producer Santiago Moncalvo Post Production Coordinator "Territorio & Canchita" Luana Vianna Art Direction Gianluca Fallone Composite Artists Marcos Pezzani - Pablo Pollaci 3D "Superpancho" Alex Levinton - Pablo Brancatella 3D "Pelotas, Alfajor & Envía" Buda - Martín Dasnoy & Dalmiro Buigues 3D "Peluche & Tallarines" Plasma - Cristian Fieiras & Pablo Molina 3D Modelling Eugenio Pignataro 2D Animation Nahuel Jacome Editor Nicolás Brukalo Music Twins.

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