Shave it

by Fede Heller

In the wilderness of the forests where giant bulldozers are tearing apart the woods there is a monkey that accidentally finds a shaving machine and decides to use it. Spontaneously disguised as a human being, he moves to the city and starts a career. After a stunning success in business, he realises that he must gain political power. Not too long after, he becomes the president. Now he is ready to make a change.


Written and directed by Jorge Tereso - Fernando Maldonado Art Direction Marina Muñoz Executive Producers Federico Heller - German Heller - Jorge Tereso Graphic Design and 2D Animation Julian Dorado 3D Art Marco Lococo - Santiago Tereso - Federico Carlini - Martin Berisso - Juan Pablo Lanzo Post-production Lucas Salvietti Production Assistant Regina Porchietti - Natalia Toriano Sound Production German Heller Music And Foley Cyrille Marchesseau - Julien Begault - Ezequiel Barros Animation Director Fernando Maldonado Animation Marco Lococo - Paula Ramos - Jorge Tereso Rigging Vincent Souza - Nahuel Belich

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