The Right Question

by Dave Maruchniak

The New Yorker

CNX Condé Nast

Dave Maruchniak directed this stunning new animated spot for The New Yorker, which incorporates black-and-white 2D, 3d, procedural animation, and real-life testimonials from the victims of Harvey Weinstein in an impassioned call for activist journalism.


Client The New Yorker Agency CNX Condé Nast Production Company 1stAveBA Director David Maruchniak EP Fernando Fasano Creative Development Flora Camillieri - Belen Guerra - Victoria Rossi Line Producer Ines Palmas Coordinator Agustin Pelliza Art Director Vicky Lamas - Joaquin Burgariotti - Federico Maksimiuk Graphic Designer Vicky Lamas - Joaquin Burgariotti Lead 2D Animation Federico Maksimiuk 2D Animator Bruno Persico - Nahuel Jacome 3D Animator Eduardo Escalante Simulations Marcos Montane Compositing Diego Gambarotta Edit David Maruchniak Music SFX MIX Bamba Music.

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