by Mechi López & Pablo Alfieri

Madrid Inspirational Fest 

Each year the Madrid Inspirational Fest invites different artists and directors to work on the promotional video for the event. This time Mechi lopez partnered up with Pablo Alfieri to create a visual journey that explores the future and embrace the strange, seeking the perfect combination of unusual materials, compelling expressions, and beautiful colors and textures.


Director Mechi Lopez y Pablo Alfieri / Produced by Playful Starring Constanza Mastronardi & Victoria Alonso Novo Executive Producers Agustina Santkovsky & Pablo Alfieri Live Action Production / DOP Sebastian Cantilo Stylist Nicole Segal Chief Producer Cristian Izzi Assistant Director Maria Silvia Petrucci Make-up Artist Mariana Brizuela CGI Production / Art Director Diego Diapolo CG Coordinator Agustina Santkovsky CGI Artists Diego Diapolo - Martin Salfity - Jose Gallardo - Juan Manuel - Coria - Matias Furno - Sebastian Morales VFX Artist Diego Gambarotta Conforming Luis Alberto Masdeu Colorist Anahi Piccinin Sound Design Smider

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