Milk Always Beats Spicy

by Becho & Mab

Got Milk?

Gallegos United

Partnered with 1stAveMachine, we produced a series of zany claymation films for California Milk Processor Boards, to highlight milk's positive benefits

The challenges: bring clay to life, with healthy, strong, and expressive personalities; and build different environments with materials - everything handmade.

The work started with the creative team, storyboard development, and characters designs. Then the construction team squeezed every ounce of clay to bring characters alive. Finally, the composition team, sound design and color grading gave the final touch, and humor was achieved. Directors Becho & Mab knocked it out of the park. the work got posted on the editor’s pick section at Adage!

Hope you enjoy watching as much as we did producing it!


Client California Milk Processor Board Agency Gallegos United Executive Director Steve James President / Chief Creative Officer Harvey Marco President / Chief Strategy & Engagement Officer Andrew Delbridge Executive Creative Director Dino Spadavecchia Creative Director Sharon Cleary ACD / Art Director Aaron Onsurez ACD / Copywriter Jeb Quaid AD / Type Designer Arthur Amiune Head of Production Harry Lowell Senior Producer Valeria Maldini Group Account Director James Kulp Account Supervisor Carol Carlos Director of Communications Planning Angel Xie Director of Strategy Catarina Goncalves Social Media Director Aldo Chuc Production Company 1staveMachine Partner/Executive Producer Sam Penfield Executive Producer Peter Repplier - Michaela Mckee Head of Production Christos Mountzouros Post Producer Malu Rodriguez Service Production Company Tronco Executive Producer Leticia Christoph Director Mab Bergara - Becho Lo Bianco Line Producer Mercedes Serrano - Valeria Gigli Assistant Director Victoria Ripoll - Rafael D’Andrea Studio Involved Can Can Club Pitch Creative Sole Torres - Flora Camilleri - Belen Guerra Character Design Mab & Martín Santos Background Designs Juan Barabani Types Design GanzToll Storyboard Artist Ivan Lublinsky Production Chief Gabriela Robles Assistant Producer Susi Mota Stop Motion Animator Mab & Becho Stop Motion Animation Assistant Hernan Bruno - Yarupa Accommodation Set Julia Conde Director of Photography Sergio Pineyro Electric Lautaro Isern Prop Manager & Grip Sebastian Hojnade Character & Modeler Maximiliano Canosa Art Leonor Garcia Versillo Puppets Construction Lead Maximiliano Canosa Set Construction Lead Leonor Garcia Versillo Character & Backgrounds Construction Team Maximiliano Canosa - Porchi - Veronica Arcadi - Natalia Lopez - María Zambolli - Natalia Aguilar - Julieta Lavalle - Juan del Prado - Florencia Colo - Hernan Bruno - Julia Iacono - Elian Pittaro - Nini - Analía Rodriguez - Sebastian Hojnade - Elian Formula Editor Marcelo Gotifredi Post Production Coordinator Valeria Gigli Digital Composition Lead Marcos Pezzani Digital Composition Team Rodrigo Vivas - Juan Ignacio Lamonaco - Joaquin García Music and Sound Design Papa Music & Papa Post Color Grading Anahí Piccinin.

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