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We love doing super cool commercials,  but when we do this kind of work, we enjoy it even more: we enjoy it like a monkey enjoys a good banana.

The story of Wounda and Jane  is immensely emotional, and it is a true story which makes it even more impressive. It is an adult story of hope, struggle, and overcoming hardships.  Jane Goodall has allowed us to discover the unknown world of chimpanzees and other species and she invites us to reflect on ourselves, promote a more sustainable lifestyle, and build a fairer society.

Take a look at this one, cry a little,  and appreciate the outstanding stopmotion , puppets & sets  💚🐒🌿


Directors @bechocancan - @el_mab  AKA @cancanclub CD Team @floracammilleri - @pixrossi - @sole.torres.ok - @lacresp0 Executive Producer @letichristoph Line Producer Preproduction @muchisidad  - Gabriela Robles - @libreextension - @guerrillafixer Line Producer Shooting Nicolas “Cona” Casares Producer Gabriela Robles Post P @ernescio - @feo.vfx - @tiozombi - @david_alexander_vargas_ - @annaipost Line Post Production @cyn_mendez_ - @camibrugues - @susanamota_ Post Coord Manuel Silva  Prod A CamilaB  y Susana M AD Gaby Robles Art Director Juan Barabani Illustrator Leon Mariano Frachimont & Victoria Farelli Art  @rotenapels - @santoscomic - @leonfranchimont - @pikifarelli Storyboard Martín Santos Dir. Animation @bechocancan Animation Team Maria Zancolli - Sebastían Conen Props on Set Sebastián Hojnadel Modeler Team Maximiliano Canosa - María Zancolli - Natacha Palatnik - @varcodaci - Analia Rodriguez - Carlos Adrián Díaz - Juan del Prado Mockups Team @le_leonor - Rosina Golaz - Hernan “Grito” Bruno - Gabriela Elian Pittaro - Carolina “nini”mena - Ignacion Steinsleger Camara & Photography Team @bechocancan - Lautaro Isern - Lucas Dominguez - Angel Giovanni Hoyos - Mora Inés Schofrin VFX Feo Rocks - Diego Gambarotta - Angel Giovanni Hoyos 2d Animation Post Hernan “Grito” Bruno - Sebastian Conen  Editorial David Vargas & Anahi Piccini

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