by Facu Labo



How much does your car do for you? The Ibiza adapts to you. No matter what your lifestyle is... it will morph, transform, evolve & do whatever it takes to be there for you, always. We wanted to show the car in a way we've never seen it before. So we said... let's just break it apart!

We played with the fun idea of the car deconstructing itself into little pieces to move around different scenes & sort obstacles.

The Ibiza is well known for its modern & edgy look, so we had to find something bold to compensate such awesomeness. We opted to contrast those characteristics with simple geometrical shapes. The result is a realistic car full of details morphing into abstract compositions made of simple spheres, cylinders & blobby car parts. The materials are always popping & evolving, changing from one frame to the other, from shiny metal car paint to soft pastel colors.


Direction Facu Labo Art Direction & Design Fran Rossi, Facu Labo 3D Animation Facu Labo 3D Simulations Alex Levinton Music & Sound Design Daniele Carmosino (DanCa) Produced by The Mushroom Company Agency C14TORCE.

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