Tarjeta Naranja

by Mechi López

Tarjeta Naranja 


With colorful elegance, Mechi López and RG2 complied with the mission of turning an enterprise manifesto into something beautiful and entertaining. Through a mix of different techniques they tell us about the journey of this young Tarjeta Naranja.


EP Leticia Cristoph Producer Fer Soma Producer Assistant Larisa Barreda Creative Development Florencia Cammilleri Post Production Coordinator Mariela Fabregas AD Sebastían Sarmiento Art Director Elda Broglio Graphic Designer Gianluca Fallone Lead 2D Animation Javier Bianchi Character Animation Lionel Skliar 2D Animation Lionel Skliar After Animators Alex Levinton Cel Animation & Clean Up Lionel Skliar Edit Angel Giovanni Color Correction Alejandro Armaleo SFX & Mix Animal Music VO Andy Bagg - Federico Storyboard Artist Martin Santos DOP Luciano Badaracco EP Live Eva Lauria Assistant Director Agostina Bruera - JP Cordoba - Sebastían Huter Gaffer Sebastían Quintana Electric Martín Clavijo Art Director Agostina Bruera Art Assistant Julia Fernandez - Cheron Denise Siciliano

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