by Bitt

Bank of Forest


Agency: Creative Directors Anita Ríos - Sebastián Castañeda Art Director Tomas Lavagno Copy Miguel Dianda Business Director Mercedes Sobbrero EP Cosme Argerich Producer Belén Solimano  Produced and Directed by Bitt  EP Mariana Motta Producer Marcos Ferrari - Ariadna Ortiz Art Director Facundo Duke Viggiano Matte Painters Rodrigo Tabarez-Nicolas Morales DOP Martin Nico 3D modeling Marcelo Ikegaki -Federico Gomez- Diego Pascual Lighting Guido Luciani- Federico Gomez-Agustin Gonzales Animation Alejandro Ohanian- Leandro Pedrouzo Crowds Federico Gomez Compositing Pablo Zamparini - Nicolas Fernandez = Sebastian Romero Colorist Bitt - Ale Armaleo Simulations Marcelo Ikegaki -Federio Gomez- Diego Pascual Sound Cluster Music Responsible for the client Emiliano Ezcurra

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