Payada Pa'Satán

by Toni Balseiro & Carlos Balseiro

Short Film 

A Gaucho lives peacefully in the countryside with his wife until one day they hear explosions and the earth starts to shake. He decides to take a ride and find out what is happening. He finds a huge hole in the middle of the mountains and concludes that Satan has made it to link our world with hell. Along with the devil's hole, come times of misery, hunger and sickness. The devil can't be stopped, but... has the devil really made that hole?


Direction + Script by Toni Balseiro - Carlos Balseiro Executive Producer Lautaro Brunatti Assistant Director Felicitas Soldi Production Manager Lula Meliche Assistant Production Julia Garcia Coni DOP Juan Maglione Art Director Juan Elizalde Realization Manager Natalia Aguilar Storyboard Juan Elizalde - Alexandra Lilja

In collaboration with Punga - Animal Music - Metrovisión - Rambla

Realization Team Andres Martin - Eugenia Luppino - Carolina Coco - Carolina Silvero - Ramiro López Capobila - Paula Kosoy - Andrea Santamaria - Tamara Sandoval - Florencia Clerico - Julieta Iacono - Pablo Kondratas - Veronica Arcodaci - Fernanda Maglione - Ana Godoy Skies Juan Danna - Mabel Vicente - Anabella Rollhauser Design & Realization of the masks and wigs Ivana Kiss - Carolina Stefanini - Juan Elizalde Realization of the bodies Julieta Lavalle Costume Design Analia Bernabe - Franco Derna Costumer Florencia Dawoser 3D Punga Gaffer Agustin Dalponte Design, Animation & Composition Ezequiel Matteo Render Armando Carraquel Editor Camilo Antolini Set Editor Camila Garcia Uriburu Post Production Carlos Balseiro - Diego Gambarotta Color Anahí Piccinin Music Animal Music Music Producer Manana Musician - José Lassaga Sound Design Porta Estudio Focus puller Benjamin Delgado Camera Assistant Ramiro Locaso 2nd Camera Assistant Faustino Garcia Zamora DIT Santiago Marti Electrician Agustin Araujo - Lautaro Isern Crane Operator Nacho Orrego - Pope Jaluf Catering Tuco Catering Special thanks to Gachi & Carlos Balseiro - Henri Aragunde - Martin Hass - John Wood - Nicolas Goodman - Francisco Balseiro - Maria Gutierrez - Juani Simioli - Andres Aguilo - Fernando Jersonsky - Hernan Gonzalez - Ailen Bressan - Can Can Club - No Problem - Ane Skov Vithner

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